The Queensland Recreational Fishing Rules are to be complied with at all times.

Bag Limits

A maximum of 18 fish per individual may be weighed in and no more than 3 fish of any one species.

Fish Minimum Sizes

Only ‘Legal ‘sized fish are eligible to be weighed in.

Undersized fish will not be accepted at the weigh-in station and must be returned to the water as soon as possible after capture with minimum harm.

Species Minimum
Archer Fish 18 cm
Barramundi 58 cm
Catfish 35 cm
Long Tom 50 cm
Sleepy Cod 30 cm
Sooty Grunter 28 cm
Spangled Perch (Juniors only) 15 cm

Fishing & Weigh-in Times

Fishing in 2017 will commence at 12.00pm Friday October 27 and close at 10.00am Sunday October 29.

Weigh station times will be from 12:15pm Friday October 27 through until 10.00am Sunday October 29.


During the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic overnight camping will be permitted within specific areas of the R48 Reserve for Nominated Competitors only. Camping will be supervised and event organisers will allocate camping sites. Camping is allowed between 6.00am Friday October 27 and 10.00am Monday October 30. The specified camping areas are Black Rock Park and Kingfisher Point; in all other areas of the R48 Reserve camping is not permitted. Campers will comply with camp rules.

Prohibited Fishing Areas

All fishing must be confined to the areas within Lake Moondarra as determined by the organising committee. The following areas within Lake Moondarra are prohibited fishing areas.

  1. The Clear Water Lagoon.
  2. A distance of 25 metres from Floating/Pontoon Pump Stations.
  3. A distance of 100 metres from the Dam Wall and Spillway.
  4. A distance of 300 metres from both Lake Moondarra Deepwell Pump Station and Lake Moondarra Pontoon Pump Station.

Due care must be taken

The Mount Isa Water Board and the MIFSG requests due care is taken out on the water. Be aware of hazards such as tree stumps and rocky bars. There may be limited space at boat ramps and you may require patience & consideration.

Night Fishing & Boating

Boat drivers on Lake Moondarra must comply with Transport Operations (Maritime Safety) Regulation 2004 with regard to boat operation.  Night fishing is allowed for Friday and Saturday and all safety gear and lighting equipment is required. Competitors are reminded that the General Safety Obligation applies and due diligence must be exercised if boating at night.

Special Rules For Barramundi

The Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic is held in the Gulf Country Barramundi closed season. Normally, according to the regulations anglers fishing in stocked impoundments are permitted to be in possession of only one Barramundi. Fisheries QLD, a service of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries , issues a special fishing competition permit to allow competitors to have three Barramundi in possession. However, only one dead Barramundi per competitor is allowed to be weighed in with a species bag limit of no more than 3 fish. All others must be released unharmed.

Tagged Barramundi Terms & Conditions

In order for the Tagged Barramundi prize to be awarded-

  • The tag number on the captured fish must match that of the tag number held by officials. The winning tag number will be released to the public on closure of the competition
  • All competition rules must be complied with
  • Only nominated competitors are eligible to win the prize
  • Winning Barramundi to be caught and weighed in within the stipulated competition period
  • Tagged fish caught outside the completion period will not be considered
  • No prize will be awarded if the tag has been, damaged or  interfered with
  • Catching a “tagged” barramundi does not constitute a winning fish
  • Adjudication and the decision of MIFSG is final
  • If the prize is awarded to a person under the age of 18 funds to be payable to the nominated legal guardian as identified in the nomination form

Disputes Resolution

The Weigh Master and MIFSG Executive will resolve disputes and their decision is FINAL.


Juniors are persons under 15 years of age/have not had their 15th birthday prior to the first day of competition


In the event of inability to attend the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic as a competitor due to unforeseen circumstances refunds of nominations may be granted.

Requests are required to outline the nominees contact details as submitted on the nomination form and reason behind the request.

Refund requests can be submitted to:

Event Manager
Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic
Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group Inc.

All refund requests will be reviewed in a timely manner and if granted processed within a 30 day period.

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