Nominated Competitors are invited to make the most of their outdoor experience during the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic by camping in designated camp areas. Camp sites will be allocated by officials with campers required to report to the nomination tent at Black Rock Lake Moondarra to receive a camp site.

Persons camping in a site not allocated by officials may be asked to re-locate; camping will be supervised.

Toilet facilities and hot and cold showers are available at the Black Rock site.

The specified camping areas are Black Rock Park and Kingfisher Point; in all other areas of the R48 Reserve camping is not permitted. Campers will comply with camp rules.

Note: Due to space restrictions caravans are not permitted in camping areas.

Camping rules

These rules are designed for the safety and security of the competitors, sponsors and competition. Please note that the Event Organisers have the authority of the R48 Reserve Manager to manage the campsite. A “Camp Coordinator” has been nominated to manage the campsite for the duration of the Fishing Classic.

The R48 Reserve is only accessible to overnight camping for the duration of the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic.

1. Open fires are not permitted. Gas cookers acceptable; alternatively use Caterer at Black Rock site for meals.

2. Access to camp site for the duration of the Fishing Classic will be available from 6.00am Friday October 27 to 10.00am Monday October 30. No campers will be allowed on site before 6.00am Friday October 27, 2017.

3. All campers must be nominated competitors. No access will be given to camp site unless proof of nomination is shown and a designated site has been allocated. Nominations will be available in Nomination Tent from 12.00pm Friday October 27, 2017.

4. Camping is only permitted in the designated Black Rock and Kingfisher Point areas. Maps of the designated area will be available from Nomination Tent or advice from “Camp Coordinator”

5. Vehicles dropping off camping gear must vacate camping area in reasonable time to allow access for other campers.

6. Any vehicle parked in camp area must be an integral part of the camp and must follow the following criteria:

  • Have sleeping amenities built in i.e. camper vans and camper trailers.
  • Have permanent built on shade structure that is erected for entire camping duration.
  • Have specifically designed camp amenities such as generators, gas cookers, fridges, sinks, bunks and shade covers that are secured and erected for entire camping duration.

7. Unless by prior arrangement with “Camp Coordinator” or in an emergency, all vehicles in camp area are to be immobile after their camp is set up until 1.00pm Sunday October 29.

8. Persons under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by their parents or guardians.

9. Walking through other campsites is not permitted, respect other campers space and equipment.

10. Any visitors/guests of competitors must vacate camp site by 10.00pm on Friday and Sunday and 11.00pm Saturday evenings.

11. No generators to be run before 7.00am from Friday October 27 to Monday October 30 or after 10.00pm Friday and Sunday and 11.00pm Saturday.

12. Playing of loud music after 10.00pm Friday and Sunday and 11.00pm Saturday is not permitted.

The ‘Event Manager’ will have the final decision on any camping rule and has the authority of the R48 Reserve Management to apply restrictions to the camp area. The Event Manager’s decision will be final, no argument or correspondence will be entered into.

Mosquito Activity

Participants are advised that precautions against mosquito bite should be taken and these should include wearing insect repellent and baggy light coloured clothes. Mosquitoes usually bite at night from sunset to sunrise. Mosquito warnings relating to Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE) are posted on signs around the Black Rock boat ramp areas. Competitors who are camping are requested to become familiar with information on these signs.

Tick Activity

Please be aware of the presence of ticks in the area.

Avoid tick bites by:

  • Wearing appropriate clothing including long pants tucked into socks and long sleeved shirts tucked into pants.  Light coloured clothing is advised as it makes the ticks easily detectable.
  • Spraying your clothing and exposed skin with an insect repellent containing DEET (Diethytoluamide), Picardin or Permethrin.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label on how to apply and how often to reapply.

On return from a tick infested area, place all clothing in a hot dryer for at least 10 minutes to kill any ticks that may still be on the clothing.  Check yourself and your family for ticks, especially behind the ears, on the back of the head and neck, groin, armpits and back of knees.

Duck Lice

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